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Water Management

Scarce or plentiful, wasted or coveted—water is a precious commodity and the quantity and quality available often don’t match community needs. Too little water, and supplies must be carefully and sustainably managed. But, too much water—in the wrong place, at the wrong time—can be a hazard.

For mining and mineral processing activities, water management must be addressed at each project stage from feasibility to closure and must adhere to stringent environmental and social responsibility policies.

Our combined surface and groundwater evaluation expertise gives you tools for assessing and satisfying the water needs of your project while also meeting broader development objectives. This integrated water management approach draws on our specialists in hydrology, hydraulics, and hydrogeology as well as mining, geotechnical engineering, and environmental management. By fully appraising your issues, we deliver solutions that are appropriate, practical, and cost-effective

Sub-Services :

  • Groundwater
  • Surface Water
  • Mine Water
  • Water Quality and Treatment