Our Service Provides

Geology and Resources

We find, delineate, and estimate the size and quality of mineral deposits using tools that minimize risks, cut costs, and reduce time frames. 

Base your decisions on our interpretation of the structural setting of ore deposits and our recommendations for specialized drilling, sampling, and assaying techniques. We offer practical courses and workshops for geologists in mineral exploration and mining tailored to the needs of your staff, geological environment, and exploration objectives.

We use 3D modelling software combined with statistical and geostatistical methods to model commodity distribution. Our experts integrate complex datasets to generate and refine targets and identify controls on mineralization. We map open pit and underground mines and improve grade control, ore reserve modelling, mine plans, and near mine drill targeting. 

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with most commodities and mineral occurrences for exploration, mining, and corporate clients and our reporting is in line with international codes.


  • Structural Geology
  • 3D Geological Modelling
  • Mineral Resource Estimation
  • Mine Site Operational Assistance