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Mining Exploration

One of the most decisive stages in investing in mining activities is to carry out exploration activities appropriately according to the company's needs by analyzing previous data in this case conducting a Desktop Study of areas that are considered prospects for further general and detailed exploration up to drilling activities.

Drilling activities are carried out with various predetermined standards ranging from JORC Standards, KCMI Standards and SNI Standards. Our geologists have the ability to evaluate and determine which areas will be drilled by conducting an overview in the form of remote sensing, geophysics, geochemistry and then continuing or ending with drilling activities with wider and more dense spaces according to availability. Minevesting has the ability to carry out Drilling Management activities by having Drill Tools in the form of Jacro 200 and Jacro 300 which are able to assist your drilling activities as well as experts who are experienced in carrying out drilling activities for both primary and secondary deposits.

Some jobs related to exploration management :

  • Survey Review
  • Geoelectric
  • Geochemistry
  • Drilling Exploration
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Hydrogeological Drilling